About Us

1000889_10151529092023621_2049676191_nSocial Capital is a Minneapolis-based group that believes philanthropy should be fun and accessible to all. Founded in 2009, Social Capital began as a simple idea to help get friends, families and communities together through events that raise awareness and act as fundraisers for multiple philanthropic causes.

Social Capital believes there is strength in numbers and that a fun night on the town can be a powerful way to do good and party with a purpose. In the end, everyone wins.

Social Capital connects people in the community with causes they care about. Through Social Capital, we host events throughout the Twin Cities that feature three local charities or organizations. We believe bringing people in the community together to support the greater good can be a powerful way to create awareness and conversation. Social Capital is built on three key principles:

1. All donations should go to charity. We want people to feel good when they make a donation at a Social Capital event. That’s why 100 percent of every donation goes to the charity of your choice during a Social Capital event — it’s not used to offset other costs.

2. People should have choices. We’re all passionate about different causes and charities in the community. At every event, we feature multiple charities to give people choices, so they can support the cause that most aligns with their personal belief or preferences.

3. There’s power in numbers. Many people believe they don’t have the time or the money to make a difference. Social Capital events challenge that idea; anyone can come to an event, regardless of how much they can give, and everyone can make space for a good time — it’s a party with a purpose. The truth is, collectively, we can all work together to make a big difference.